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      Team Monserrate Equestrian is a international importing and exporting team that specializes in sales offering talented Hunter Jumper and Equitation prospects to professionals and equestrian enthusiasts within America and abroad. Team Monserrate Equestrian offers some of the most elite, imported Warmblood show jumpers, hunters, and equitation horses for your consideration. Through routine international buying trips and close connections with contacts in Europe, Asia, and South America, talented horses are carefully selected for show ring success in North America. It is the Team's goal to bring European bloodlines from overseas to within your reach. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Team Monserrate Equestrian's philosophy. Under the experienced supervision of the Team, caring equine professionals cater to the unique needs of the equestrian athlete through various services specialized in uniting competition riders with their elite national and international competition mounts. Working closely with fellow professionals to find quality mounts for themselves and their clientele, Team Monserrate Equestrian is proud to showcase an elite competition collection to cater to every rider’s needs in the world of show jumping.










Team Affiliates:

  • CVL Monserrate Stud International

  • Chateau Vista Farm, LLC

  • Chateau Vista Show Jumpers

  • Equisport Forge and Farriery

Team Accolades:​​

  • Internationally Importing since 2006

  • Aviation Maintenance Certification and Expertise of Cargo Equine Aircraft 

  • Family Commercial Driving License and Cross-Country -18 Wheel- Equine Hauling Experience

  • Equine Reproductive Specialties and Certifications 

  • Proven and Certified in Embryo Transfer Equine Reproductive Protocols and Reproductive Management

  • Oklahoma Horseshoeing School Graduate Farrier

  • Combined 25 years Experience FEI and Professional Grooming

  • Combined 35 years Experience in Professional Riding and Show Horse/Clientele Management


Notable Competition Achievements:​​

  • 1998-2024-

    • Multiple placings and division tricolors in the hunters, hunter breeding, junior amateur jumpers, and open jumper classes

      Team Monserrate Equestrian is a traveling show team based out of a few different locations being: Chateau Vista Farm, LLC, CVL Monserrate Stud International, and Chateau Vista Show Jumpers when not on the road for the show circuits. The breeding farm location, Chateau Vista Farm, LLC, is nestled on 20 acres just off the city ridge of Des Moines, Iowa. With a breathtaking view of the northwest countryside, our team horses at this location enjoy:

  • A perimeter bridle path around the farm's 20 acres

  • Two stall barns that house fourteen stalls, a spray foam insulated stall barn with six heated 12 X 12 limestone base matted stalls with double Dutch doors as well as eight stalls in our unheated barn- four of which are 12 X 24 ft foaling stalls

  • 24-7 full property security surveillance and live on-site staff

  • a full shower bathroom and laundry area

  • hot/cold water heated indoor wash rack

  • Breeding office

  • Three tack rooms two of which are climate controlled

  • A built in automatic fly spray system in our heated stall barn

  • Extra large storage area for shavings and a variety of hay types

  • A 60ft X 120ft crushed limestone base with sand footing indoor arena with a 60ft long second-level viewing deck and a full schooling indoor jump set

  • A finished upstairs second-level lounge that is heated/air conditioned with dining kitchenette, reading library, and media entertainment area

  • Seven 110ft X 65ft large dry lots with shelters

  • Three 55ft X 65ft semi-private paddocks

  • A 220ft X 160ft grass Grand Prix/Hunter Derby field

  • A six horse Eurowalker

  • An 250ft X 350ft stadium-style outdoor arena with three elevated viewing sides and two platform grass jumping banks

  • A large 6 acre pasture turn-out with shelter

  • Just 20 minutes away from downtown Des Moines, Iowa

      The second home for the Team's horses when they are not showing is at the Chateau Vista Show Jumpers location. Chateau Vista Show Jumpers location is nestled on forty acres within the rolling hills of the state of Iowa countryside in the USA. It also serves as the secondary summer location for Team Monserrate Equestrian's import show string and Chateau Vista Farm, LLC's breeding program, as well as the secondary home of Equisport Forge and Farrier. With breathtaking country living views spanning as far as 10 miles away at the highest point of the property, our team horses housed at this location while at home enjoy a variety of amenities including:

  • A cross fenced perimeter

  • Acres of manicured wooded creek-side trails and riding fields

  • A large stall barn with three separate areas having a total of twelve 12ft by 12ft matted stalls with attached shelter area

  • Three individual stalls containing their own private runs off of them 

  • A unique tack and trunk equipment storage area within the stall barn section of the main barn 

  • An isolation dry lot 24ft by 65ft with a separate individual box stall

  • 24-7 full property security surveillance and live on-site staff

  • Turnout and paddock cameras for monitoring safety

  • A traditional working farrier/blacksmith shop and forge with a 20ft by 20ft full farrier equipment/supplies building

  • A large industrial grain bin for bulk feed storage

  • Three-bedroom/full bath cozy country 1,200 sq ft guest house

  • A 12ft by 12ft tiny shack overlooking the highest point of the property

  • Two outdoor 14ft by 14ft wash racks

  • Three 12ft X 12ft indoor grooming areas with cross ties on the property

  • An outdoor hitching and grooming area

  • Two separate storage outbuildings for shavings, feed, and a variety of hay types

  • A 36ft by 60ft equipment management and maintenance barn

  • An extra large alfalfa/brome hay field producing quality hay seasonally

  • A 36ft by 48ft finished rider lounge that is heated/air conditioned with a kitchenette, small dining area, reading library, and media entertainment area

  • A 100ft X 150ft outdoor grass arena with a full schooling jump set

  • Trailer pad storage

  • Two semi-private grass paddocks with shelter lean-to

  • A traditional range-like all wooden 100ft backing round pen

  • A 10 acre grass Grand Prix/Hunter Derby field

  • A ride over creek side trail bridge which is also drive-able

  • A family and child-friendly picnic area with swing set

  • Three separated ten acre large pastures each with shelter all just minutes away from the metro


Feel free to contact Team Monserrate Equestrian today to learn more about their elite collection of international quality warmbloods



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